OKelly Library




Alumni House
Built in 1924
Alumni Building
Built in 1918
Demolished in 2002

Anderson Conference Center
Built in 1957

F. L. Atkins School Health Science
Built in 1983

Atkins Hall (Old)
Built in 1915
Demolished in 1984

Atkins Hall
Built in 1978
S. G. Atkins House
Built c.1892
Wilveria B. Atkinson Sciences Building
Built in 2005
Bickett Hall
Built in 1921
Demolished in 1995
Blair Hall
Built in 1940
Brown Hall
Built in 1966
Carolina Hall
Built in 1925
Colson Hall
Built in 1952
Demolished in 2002
Coltrane Hall
Built in 1967
Dillard Hall
Built in 1971
Eller Hall
Built in 1938
Fine Arts Building
Built in 1958
Fries Auditorium
Built in 1939
Demolished c. 1970
C. E. Gaines Center
Built in 1976
Hall-Patterson Building
Built in 1978
Hauser Building
Built in 1971
Hill Hall
Built in 1965
Elva Jones Computer Science Building
Built in 2004
Kennedy Dining Hall
Built in 1939
Demolished in 1995
Lamson Hall
Built in 1897
Demolished in 1939
Moore Hall
Built in 1965
Old Arches
Old Nursing Building
Built in 1956
C. G. O'Kelly Library
Built in 1967
Pegram Hall
Built in 1937
Physical Plant Building
Built in 1975
Rams Commons
Built in 2002
A. H. Ray Infirmary
Built in 1952
R. J. Reynolds Center
Built in 1984
Slater Hospital
Built in 1902
Demolished in 1920
Slater Industrial Academy and Cottages
Built in 1892
Demolished c. ?
Cleon F. Thompson Center
Built in 1996
Whitaker Gymnasium
Built in 1953
K. R. Williams Auditorium
Built in 1975
Wilson Hall
Built in 1994
Woody Training Home
Built in 1900
Demolished c. ?

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