College of Arts and Sciences

Senior Exhibit Criteria for Art Majors


Students majoring in Art and are required to participate in the preparation and mounting of the Senior Exhibit at the J. T. Diggs Gallery during the senior year of study prior to graduation.

Candidates must submit the requisite number of completed artworks and take part in exhibition activities as required and supervised by the Senior Exhibit Committee.

It is strongly recommended that the works be representative of the broad range of media covered during the four-year course of study.


Chantel Setzer Installation 2013

Installation by Chantel Setzer '13

Accepted works must

  1. Exhibit an acceptable level of craftsmanship.
  2. Demonstrate artistic, literary or political merit.
  3. Fulfill one or more of these functions: to teach, decorate, inspire, give pleasure, convey beauty or provoke thought and discourse on important issues which confront us.

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