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Music Program Overview

The Fine Arts Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and a Bachelors of Science in Music Education. Additionally, students may pursue minors in music and music business. The curriculum in Music Education is designed to prepare students to become teachers in grades K-12 and for further study at the graduate level. This concentration has a vocal and instrumental track and is offered in conjunction with the College of Education. The music business concentration prepares students for careers in various aspects of the music business industry and allied fields.

Music education is the education of human feelings through the development of responsiveness to the aesthetic qualities of sound. Performance classes provide intimate contact with these expressive qualities. In this context, performance is not an end in itself, but a means to an end, which includes:

  • the augmentation of knowledge and understanding of the structural elements of music, and of music as a creative art form;
  • the cultivation of habits, attitudes, and appreciations;
  • the development of each student's aesthetic potential, sensitivity, and responsiveness to that which is beautiful in music.

Students who have participated in the music program should demonstrate a knowledge of music as a creative art form in a historical and cultural context; an understanding of the structural elements; and relevant eye, ear, and hand-oriented musical skills.

It is the intent of the music program to help students develop their aesthetic potential, to give them an understanding of their own culture and the cultures of others, and to provide a unique medium for achieving excellence either alone or in cooperation with others. While some students will discover talents leading to careers in music, many will find that music has the potential to enrich their lives either through performance, study, or appreciation. The degree prepares students to teach music at the elementary and secondary levels. Programs in both instrumental and vocal certification are offered. The music program also provides community services primarily in the areas of performance and consultation.

The mission of the music program is to offer courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Music and the Bachelor of Science in Music Education to diverse and motivated students.

The specialty courses in music develop the knowledge, musicianship, and skills needed to teach and direct music activities from early childhood through secondary school, and to pursue careers in, or related to, the music industry. The music unit program also offers instruction in music to students majoring in other disciplines as a part of the university's general core requirements. Many events, performances, and seminars are provided for the university community and the greater community of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County by faculty and students alike. Faculty members are well recognized professionally with diverse performance and educational training that encourages students to investigate and appreciate various forms of music expressions. They engage in research, give recitals and attend conferences as presenters on occasion. All of these activities can be seen as part of the unit's ongoing effort to promote the study and enjoyment of music as necessary to a quality life.

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