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Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies



The Justice Studies program is an interdisciplinary program designed to give students a broad understanding of the justice system and issues related to the administration of justice. As a multi-disciplinary program, it will encompass those disciplines in the humanities and social sciences that are relevant to an understanding of justice. Courses from political science, sociology, law, philosophy, history, and other disciplines that contribute to a greater understanding of justice and of issues related to crime, corrections and the administration of justice, will be an integral part of the program. The program will prepare students for professional positions in the justice system or in justice-related agencies, as well as to seek graduate and professional degrees in law, public policy or other fields relevant to the administration of justice.

Degree Requirements

A student working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Justice Studies must complete 42 semester hours of course work in Justice Studies. The courses are:

JUS 2301 - Introduction to Justice Studies

JUS 3309 - Justice Administration

JUS 3310 - The Police & the Community

JUS 3342 - Strategic Approaches to Community Safety

JUS 3346 - Court Procedure & Evidence

JUS 3355 - Criminal Law

JUS 3361 - Juvenile Justice

JUS 3364 - The Political Economy of Justice

JUS 3382 - Class, Race, Gender, Ethnicity & Justice

JUS 4342 - Technological Analysis

JUS 4344 - Corrections

JUS 4369 - Constitutional Law

JUS 4380 - Research Methods in Justice Studies

JUS 4391 - Internship in Justice Studies

JUS 4422 - Contemporary Issues in Justice Studies.

In support of the major area, the student is required to complete at least three semester hours of course work in each of the following areas: computer science, philosophy, science, and statistics. The student must complete Elementary Foreign Language I & II.

NB: A minor is not required.

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