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Major in Spanish

Minor in Spanish


Spanish Major

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers the degree program in Spanish to prepare students for multiple employment opportunities, and graduate studies. Students will take courses designed to develop the language skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing. All students who want to major in Spanish must request an advisor in the department, have completed the intermediate language sequence (SPA 2311 and SPA 2312) or shown evidence that they have achieved an equal level of proficiency in Spanish. They will normally have earned a grade of C or higher in any Spanish courses taken prior to or during their studies at WSSU.

Spanish Minor

The minor in Spanish requires a minimum of 18 semester hours above the elementary level. The intermediate level of the language is a prerequisite for all upper-level courses leading toward the minor. Proficiency credit may be granted for intermediate courses if a student passes specified departmental exams. Students must attain a grade of C or better in all courses taken for the minor.

Why Study Spanish?

Spanish, unofficially, is the second language of the United States.  Hispanics are currently the largest minority group in the country.  Historically, the United States, from its inception, has possessed an intimate link with the Hispanic world and 51% of the USA used to be a part of Mexico until 1848.  Our current globalization, internationalization, and shrinking borders with Mexico and the Latin American continent make Spanish a practical choice for all North American citizens.

Knowledge of languages other than English is vital in the increasingly interconnected world of the twenty-first century. Learning another language has a dramatic impact on one's understanding of how languages and cultures differ, and it even increases one's skill in using one's first language. Studying a foreign language is an excellent choice for students who want to broaden their cultural and critical competence at the same time that they make themselves more competitive in a global job market. Majoring in Spanish, one of the world's five most widely spoken languages, gives students access to careers in diplomacy, international business,  the military, technology, medical fields, law, education, and many other fields which require varied and excellent communication skills.

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