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Other Voices - Sculpture Garden

Diggs GalleryPeacock's sculpture , (Other) Voices, echoes the theme of ascension and the choices found along life's pathways but in anon-representational, three dimensional form. Peacock, who often uses poetry as "a way of getting to my own ideas", was inspired by a poem by Arthur Nortje, called the 'forgotten poet of South Africa.' The fourth stanza from Nortje's poem London Impressions II speaks of "having learnt the value of other faces, acquired the pace and tone of other voices."

The curved shapes seen in (Other) Voices, repeatedly appear in different forms in Peacock's work. These rib-like forms allude to human and animal ribcages; the skeletal, structural underpinnings of boats; and the vaulted ceilings of medieval churches. Abstracted, linear, elongated minimalist, and graceful, Peacock's characteristic forms also refer to the artist's enduring childhood memory of a large ship beached on the Oregon coast. Peacock's sculpture embrace their surrounding space while reaching out in different directions: leading the way, pointing out new directions, and offering many choices.

(Other) Voices is the 16th project completed in the Artworks for State Buildings Program, a North Carolina Arts Council project. One of the strengths of the program has been the diversity of the artworks. Artists have created artworks reflecting the needs of each project's community and the site's unique history, character, relevance or use. As a result, this public art collection reflects North Carolina's rich, broad range of people and experiences, from rural to urban settings.

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