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Blurring Racial Barriers


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Not an ocean Between UsGoal: To encourage people of all races and cultures to meet and to build new relationships and to provide a representation of the diverse artists working in Winston-Salem and the surrounding area.

January 14, 2006-March 17, 2006

A new arts initiative in Winston-Salem is gathering regional artists and community members from diverse racial backgrounds in a citywide celebration of diversity. The initiative centers around four cross-cultural, multi-ethnic exhibitions of visual art entitle "Blurring Racial Barriers," hosted by Winston-Salem State University's Diggs Gallery, Delta Arts Center, SECCA and the Salem Fine Arts Center Gallery. The curators; Belinda Tate, Dianne Caesar, Vicki Kopf, and Kim Varnadoe, have created four unique exhibitions celebrating the racial and cultural diversity of Winston-Salem; one so rich and broad that no one institution could capture it alone. The exhibitions offer an opportunity for the community to peek into the world of other, while exploring our common humanity.

The "Blurring Racial Barriers" arts initiative is the brain-child of Trena McNabb, a local artist who envisions a city rich in cross-cultural friendships. The exhibitions were sponsored by Crossing 52, an organization founded to improve race relations and to combat racism in the community, and were made possible through an ECHO grant from the Winston-Salem Foundation.

Phillip K. Adams Terri Dowell-Dennis Earnestine Huff Raul R. Montero
Asher Barkley Chris Flory James Huff Marilyn Murray Lindner
Elizabeth Benton Maya Freelon Glen A. Johnson Beverly Noyes
Scott Betz Amy Funderburk Anne Kesler Shields Nelida M. Otero-Flatow
Mary Beth Blackwell-Chapman Willie Green-Aldridge Crystal Lea Cheryl Powell
Ann Bonner Jerry lee Hanes, Sr. Juan Logan Terry Schupbach-Gordon
Les Caison III Shanta Hauser Ray Martin Virginia Shepley
Henry Church Wendee Haywood Cornelia Matthews Webster Mitzi Shewmake
Rebecca Deaton Alix Hitchcock Trena McNabb Kimberly Varnadoe
Lesley Dill Bernice Howard Davenport Lindsay Michie Eades Kathy Vincent
Mona Wu

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