General Media Services

The personnel in Multi-Media Technology Services can copy and transfer videotapes* in NTSCA and PAL/SECAMB formats to and from digital format. Media reproduction may require up to two days to complete.

This service is provided for instructional purposes within the limits of the copyright laws. The student, faculty, or staff must provide the blank recordable media (tape, DVD, CD).

The department cannot copy an out-of-region (non-region 1) DVD to create an in-region-DVD and cannot copy any “copy protected” media.

* (VHS, S-VHS, MiniDV)
** (DVD, Widows Media, Quicktime, etc).
A (USA standard)
B (European)




Video and Audio Transfer

MMTS equipment can transfer MiniDV and VHS videotapes to DVD disks. Because videotape is a magnetic medium, over the years, it gradually loses the ability to hold a video signal. Transferring important video footage to DVD is strongly recommended within copyright limitations.

Copyright Law

It is illegal to copy all or any part of videotape or to tape programming off-air or off-satellite without the written permission of the holder of the copyright.  


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