Commonly Encountered Rule Codes

BD01 Permanent Adopted Budget
BD02 Permanent Budget Adjustments
BD03 Temporary Adopted Budget
BD04 Temporary Budget Adjustments
CHS1 Transaction conducted through Billings/Receivable Department
CNEI Cancel Check, Invoice with Encumbrance
CNNI Cancel Check, Invoice without encumbrance
CORD Change Order
CPF Central Payroll Feed
D02 On-Line Departmental Transfer
DNEC Check - Credit memo with Encumbrance
DNEI Check - Invoice with encumbrance
DNNC  Check - Credit memo without encumbrance
DNNI Check - Invoice without encumbrance
E010 Check Request Journal/Rule Code
ICEC Cancel credit memo with encumbrance
ICEI Cancel invoice with encumbrance
ICNC Cancel credit memo without encumbrance
ICNI Cancel invoice without encumbrance
INEC Credit memo with encumbrance
INEI Accounts Invoice with an encumbrance (Purchase Order)
INNC Credit memo without encumbrance
INNI Accounts Payable Invoice without encumbrance (direct pays)
JE ## Journal Entry made by Accounting to increase/decrease transaction
PCLQ Cancel PO - reinstate request
POLQ Purchase Order liquidated
PORD Establish Purchase Order

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