Process Improvement, Reporting and Analysis

Constance Mallette, Director
Phone: 336-750-8643

Mission Statement

The mission of Process Improvement Reporting and Analysis Unit is to provide consulting and analytical support for the university community.  The Unit is responsible for assisting departments with reviewing processes to improve business operations and services to students, faculty, and staff. The services provided ensure optimal system integration, reconciliations, functional client training, and user satisfaction. The unit is also responsible for working with department to ensure updated processes align with the University's Strategic goals.

Process Improvement Reporting and Analysis Department Vision Statement

The vision of Process Improvement Reporting and Analysis Unit is to create and improve processes promoting efficiency among the various administrative functions while working to introduce newly automated functionality thereby reducing manual processes. The unit will continue to present enhancements towards the goal of greater data integrity within a user friendly system environment.

Process Improvement Reporting and Analysis Goals

The unit will provide daily monitoring and management of Banner Finance to ensure validity of data, system synchronization, and appropriate system internal controls.

The unit will develop processes to improve procedures related to various administrative functions utilizing automation to the extent possible.

The unit will provide accurate, timely and courteous customer services to the functional clients as well as management.

The staff will continue to participate in Professional Development to ensure remaining technologically current to trends within the respective profession.

The staff will continue to be a reference and resource for individuals within the WSSU community as well as other universities and constituencies.

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