Process Improvement - Analysis

Our Role

The analysis group assists in maintaining, establishing, and improving operational processes of the University.  This is accomplished through analysis of current procedures; manage system upgrades, monitor implementation of strategic initiatives to improve services to the campus community, and providing recommendations for more efficient and cost effective practices in alignment with establish strategic goals. The Unit serves as the liaison between the Business Unit and Information Technology Programmer Analyst.

Develop and deploy training programs to ensure maximum system utilization.  Through collaborative efforts, the unit will build and foster relationships to promote efficiencies throughout the campus community.

Staff Members

Gary L. Harris - Business and Technology Support Analyst
(336) 750-8909

Serve as the Application Technician primarily for Financial Aid and Admissions areas. Monitor daily system operation and provide suggestions on system optimization.  Serve as lead in developing and training for these noted operations.

Jacqueline Jenkins - Technology Support Technician  
(336) 750-2791

Manage Banner Document Imaging and On-demand Subscription Library(ODSL). Provide assistance for oversight of Banner Finance and related systems. Assist with training and implementation Banner systems, Microsoft Software, also serves as Webmaster for the Unit.

Jean Scales- Business System Analyst
scalesj 750-8645

Serve as the Systems Analyst for Finance and Purchasing Systems. Serve as primary administrator of SU Express. Responsible for daily management, development and implementation of associated programs and processes. Provide recommendations of noted operations to promote operational efficiency.  Serve as lead instructor on various Banner Finance and related systems.

Vacant - Application Analyst

Serves as the analyst primarily for Student Records and Admission systems.  Provide support, training and daily oversight of Student Record data. Monitor and manage system upgrades.

Vacant - Application Analyst

Serves as the analyst for Human Resource and Payroll systems. Provide support, training and daily oversight of Human Resource and Payroll data. Monitor and manage system upgrades

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