The RAMPORT (Reporting and Management) developers create reports, graphs, guided ad hoc highly parameterized reports and dashboards using BANNER ERP modules and related 3rd party applications.

The following types of reports have been developed to support the vision and mission of the University:

· Communication Reports
· Error Reports
· Data Validation Reports
· Detail Reports
· Summary Reports
· Data Export

In various outputs including, but not limited to:

· Portable Document Format (PDF)
· Microsoft Excel (Pivot Tables & Formulas)
· Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML)     

Reports may be automatically scheduled to run as directed by the business client, several report delivery options are available. 

WSSU Public Dashboards

The RAMS Reporting Dashboard and the Executive Dashboard have been created for the campus community.  The dashboards provide reports and graphs that visually display valuable information.  The functional clients are able to view the information from different perspectives and at multiple levels.  To access the dashboards from the WSSU homepage, place mouse over ADMINISTRATION and click Faculty and Staff.

Procedure to Request A Report

Access to data is not provided without approval from the module manager.  Report requests are created via RAMTech and the instructions are detailed in the Requesting WebFocus Report Manual.

Request Access to WebFOCUS

Complete WSSU WebFOCUS Access Request form located on the Public Drive: 

P:\Banner Project\Security \Access Applications\ WSSU WebFOCUS Access Request.doc


WebFOCUS Basic User Training

Information Builders WebFOCUS is the reporting software used by Winston-Salem State University to create reports using Banner data sources.  The primary purpose of this class is to train the functional client how to log into the dashboard and run a report.  The following items are included in the training:   logging into MRE via the dashboard, content of dashboard, selecting a domain, running a report, save/print a report, adding reports to favorite list, viewing recently run repots, how to run a deferred report, and an overview of the RAMS Reporting Dashboard and Executive Dashboard.

WebFOCUS Analytical User Training 

Information Builders WebFOCUS is the primary reporting software used by Winston-Salem State University to create reports using Banner data sources and other sources as identified.  The primary purpose of this class is to train the analytical user how to create a report.  The analytical user will be able to create reports and graphs using Report Assistant and Graph Assistant.  The reports will be created using reporting objects that have been created by Developers.  The analytical users will be able to share personal reports that have been created.

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