Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Technology Support Center offer students?

We offer assistance with Cisco Clean Access problems and campus provided software installation problems. For a complete list of our services for students, please visit the Student Computer Services page. 

What is RAMware?

RAMware is the Winston-Salem State University academic software store. RAMware allows students, faculty and staff of Winston Salem State University access to exclusively discounted software. Most software offered through RAMware is 90% off retail store prices or FREE.

What is RAMTech?

RAMTech is Winston-Salem State University’s service management system. RAMTech is used to submit and track technical incidents/requests.

How do I as a student set up my wireless access?

Students should connect to the “wssustudents” wireless network. The password to that network is “wssurams”. Once you are connected, you must use the Cisco Clean Access system. Cisco Clean Access is a network access control (NAC) system that checks your equipment for the latest operating system updates and virus protection updates. You may set up your wireless access and Cisco Clean Access by following these instructions.

Will anyone from the IT Department ever ask for my password?

No. There are many hackers and spammers trying to get your username and password in order to acquire information. If you receive an email asking for this information, DO NOT give this information out. If you do compromise your account, the IT Department will disable your account in order to assess the damage. If you are a student, you will have to go to the tech support center and present your university ID in order to have your account re-enabled. A new password will be assigned to you.

How do I access email, Rams Online, Blackboard, and other services?

Visiting the Current Students page, you will see these services listed under the Technology @ WSSU section.

What software is available for students?

WSSU offers a variety of software including Microsoft Office free of charge for each enrolled student. Log into RAMware to see the available software and start taking advantage today.

I am having trouble logging into web email. What should I do?

If you are a student, make sure you follow these instructions. If you still have trouble, please contact the help desk.

Can I get support for Blackboard?

Yes, you may reach the Blackboard Support Desk 24/7 at 866-518-3956. The call is toll free.

How do I connect my gaming device, android device, or Apple iOS device to the Internet on campus?

A device registration form must be completed to connect these devices to the network. The form can be downloaded and emailed to or dropped off in person at the Technology Support Center located in O’Kelly Library room 203. Please allow 48-72 hours for our systems to update your information.

How do I set up my faculty/staff email on my mobile phone/iPad?

Our email is setup as Exchange. The server name is "", and the domain is "". We do not have an incoming and outgoing server, so if your setup asks for those names, then your email will not function.

How do I set up my student email on my mobile phone/tablet?

The steps to setup student email on an Android device will vary from an iOS device. If you need further assistance after attempting these instructions, please visit the Technology Support Center during our student service hours.

My computer says that it is infected with a virus, what do I do?

If you have spyware or a virus on your personal PC, Technology Support Services recommends SUPERAntiSpyware to remove the infection. If that does not remove the spyware then you can do a system recovery (Tech Support Center does not do recoveries), or take it to a computer service center. (i.e.: Best Buy, Intrex, etc.)

For university-owned equipment, please submit a RAMTech ticket or call the Technology Support Center.

I am a faculty or staff member, how do I install campus-supported programs and approved software on my university-owned computer?

Many campus supported programs can be installed without administrative permissions through KBox by using these instructions.

I am a faculty/staff member and I do a lot of work at home. How do I obtain software such as Microsoft Office for my home computer?

Faculty and staff can also use RAMware to purchase software at extremely reduced rates. Read how to access and purchase software through RAMware. Please be advised that this software is provided as a complimentary service. Technology Support Services cannot provide technical support for personally-owned equipment.

I am a faculty or staff member, how do I access the Knowledge Base for my technical issues?

The Knowledge Base is updated weekly with articles about various technical topics. Using this tool will not only help you gain a better understanding of the technology on our campus, but it will also allow you to quickly troubleshoot common issues.

Who do I contact if I cannot log into Banner Rams Online?

The Solution Center can assist with Banner Rams Online log-in issues for students @ 336-750-2709.

My account keeps locking out, why is this happening?

Your account keeps locking out because the network detects an incorrect password. When changing your password make sure that all mobile devices (laptop, tablet, smartphones) are updated as well. If you have email on them make sure that the password is updated, and if you have campus WiFi connected that password needs to be updated as well. If you continue to have issues, you can bring your devices to the Technology Support Center and get assistance with your devices.

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