Additions to Supported Products List

Modifications and additions to the list of supported products will be managed by the Director of Computing and Client Services, the Director of Network and Communication Services and the Associate Provost for Information Technology/Chief Information Officer. When the list is modified, notification will be posted on the IT Intranet site. Products may be nominated for consideration by any faculty or staff member or student.

The following criteria will be used in considering additional products: (1) value added beyond products currently listed, if the product is similar to one already on the list; (2) potential for use of the product throughout the campus; (3) training and other support available from the vendor; (4) cost of purchase and maintenance and availability of site license/educational discounts; (5) support for the university's computing and network environment; and (6) ease of use as measured by training and consultation capabilities.

Network Standards for Computing Office and Instructional Laboratory Computing Networks will be Microsoft operating systems (Windows 2000, and Windows XP). IT will support all Microsoft workstations. For departmental servers not housed by IT, support will be limited to initial setup and configuration. Departmental LAN administration will not be provided by IT.

The list of products supported by IT are those for which IT will provide installation, maintenance, repair services, consultation and instruction. The term "maintenance" indicates that IT maintains a copy of the product and will attempt to keep copies of the product current or in proper working order. The term "consultation" indicates that IT possesses a complete set of documentation and consulting staff members are knowledgeable in the operation of the product. The term "instruction" indicates that workshops, instructional videos, or tutorial documentation is provided for the product.

In general,IT supports current versions of listed software and one major version back from the current version. Software more than two versions old will not be supported.

For information about product categories not listed, contact the Director of Computing and Client Services.

Software used specifically for instruction or research may not be covered under this policy. Selection of such software and its support is the responsibility of IT. Requests for acquisition or use of such software should be made through IT. Evaluation and review of these products will be made by the Director of the Academic Computing Center. Products will be approved by the IT staff and the Technology Council.

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