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The State of North Carolina Information Security Manual section 020110 “Giving Access to Files and Documents” states that : “To Prevent the unauthorized or accidental copying, moving, editing or deleting of data and to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the  of the  of the information assets of North Carolina……. users rights shall be reviewed every  six (6)-month.   

The Office of Information Technology will:

  1. Send out  semi- annual access verification  letters via email (February & October) 

The Respective Department must:

  1. Verify that access is correct, upon receipt of the Access Verification Letter.
  2. Make any changes as deemed necessary and secure proper approval before returning sign letter.
  3. Submit a completed Request for Computer and Application access form to add or change security. 

The Office of Information Technology will: 

  1. Implement the approved security and changes.
  2. Remove any user accounts that are not approved by this process.
  3. File all Access verification letters for future reference.

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