Downloading of Music, Movies & Other Copyrighted Material

It is the policy of Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) that network connections may not be used to violate copyright laws. The unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted materials is a serious violation of Federal law, State law, and the university's Copyright and Computer Use Policies. WSSU's network, computing equipment and computing resources are owned by the university and are provided primarily to support the academic, research and administrative functions of the university.

Use of any Peer to Peer application (downloading of movies, music or other copyrighted material) by faculty, staff or students is prohibited on any university owned computers unless approved by the Director of Computing and Client Services.

Students are prohibited from configuring their personal systems to participate in the hosting of files for access by Peer to Peer applications. If the application cannot be reconfigured to disable hosting, it must be removed from the computer. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO DISABLE THIS FUNCTION PRIOR TO CONNECTION TO THE UNIVERSITY'S NETWORKS.

Violation of Policy

Any violation of the above computer use information is:

  1. "Misconduct" under EPA Policy (faculty and EPA non-faculty)

  2. "Unacceptable Personal Conduct" under SPA Policy

  3. "Misuse of University Computer & Equipment" under the university's Student Judicial Code III (3)

  4. MISUSE OF STATE PROPERTY and will be reported to the State Bureau of Investigations

Sanctions for violation of the above computer use information will depend on the violator's position with the university.

If identified by internal security mechanisms or if an artist, author, publisher, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), or a law enforcement agency notifies the university of a violation of copyright laws, Information Technology will provide to the University Attorney and the Dean of Students information in the form of Internet Protocol (IP) address information, MAC address, appropriate log entries, location of computer, and any identifying information needed to assist in the investigation of the complaint or in response to a court order for identification of the user.

The Office of Legal Affairs will advise any user identified pursuant to a lawfully ordered subpoena of the date for submitting identifying information to the court or the attorney identified in the subpoena. Neither the Office of Legal Affairs nor the North Carolina Attorney General can represent any employee or student identified who has illegally downloaded copyrighted material.

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