Request for Services

All requests for services will be made to the Help Desk (750-3431). Upon receipt of a request for service, the Help Desk will coordinate the appropriate technical assistance necessary to complete the request.

Faculty/Staff User and E-Mail Accounts
Requests must be submitted to Help Desk by a manager or department chair. Accounts for temporary personnel may be created, however an account expiration date is required by the manager or department chair requesting the account.

Student E-Mail Accounts
E-Mail accounts are created for all enrolled students. Instructions for access are available on-line under the student information area on the university’s web site. Policies relating to usage are listed later in this document.

Software installations / upgrades
Upgrades to server applications will require the consulting technical contact to complete a Change Management Form. The Director of Computing and Client Services will approve all requested server application changes. Changes to desktop applications are completed with regard to the supported products list. Proof of licenses will be required prior to all installations of software.

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