Standards for Computers and Related Technology

Determining standards for computer hardware, software, and related equipment is a responsibility of the Director of Computing and Client services and is approved by the Associate Provost for Information Technology/Chief Information Officer.

Supported products are those which have been accepted for general use throughout the university for either administrative or academic purposes. Information Technology (IT) will provide installation, instruction, consultation and maintenance for supported products. Whenever possible, site license arrangements will be negotiated for supported products. Items which have previously been on the supported products list will continue to be maintained for a reasonable period of time even though recommendation to purchase those items has ended (due to advances in technology, pricing, or other reasons).

University departments are not precluded from purchasing products other than those on the "supported" list, but products purchased after the date of adoption of this policy will NOT be supported by IT or any of its departments. IT will not provide assistance in connecting non-supported products to the campus network. IT has responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the university's computing network, and unsupported products will not be permitted to endanger the network's proper functioning. Users should be sure they have local support for non-supported products if they choose to purchase them.

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