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WSSU faculty members are award-winning and widely published. Use this directory to find faculty by name.

Edwin D. Bell
Title: Professor
Department: Education
Phone: 336-750-2694
Email: belle@wssu.edu

Beth Day-Hairston
Title: Associate Professor & Special Education Coordinator
Department: Education
Phone: (336) 750-2387
Email: hairstonb@wssu.edu

James S. Etim, PhD
Title: Professor of Education
Department: Education
Phone: 336-750-2382
Email: etimj@wssu.edu

S. Maxwell Hines
Title: Professor
Department: Education
Phone: 336 750-2378
Email: hinessm@wssu.edu

Maduakolam (Madu) Ireh, PhD
Title: Associate Professor & Chair
Department: Education
Phone: 336-750-2556
Email: irehm@wssu.edu

Denise Johnson
Title: Associate Professor and MAT-MGE Program Coordinator
Department: Education
Phone: 336-750-2708
Email: johnsondt@wssu.edu

Doina M. Kovalik
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Education
Phone: (336) 750-3450
Email: kovalikd@wssu.edu

Ludovic M. Kovalik
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Education
Phone: (336) 750-3264
Email: kovaliklm@wssu.edu

Francine G. Madrey
Title: Professor of Education/Associate Dean
Department: Education
Phone: 336-750-2693
Email: madreyf@wssu.edu

David N. Peay
Title: Clinical Professor
Department: Education
Phone: 336-750-2697
Email: peayd@wssu.edu

Eva C. Phillips
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Education
Phone: 336-750-2250
Email: phillipsec@wssu.edu

Dawn N. Hicks Tafari, Ph.D
Title: Clinical Faculty
Department: Education
Phone: 336-750-8337
Email: tafaridn@wssu.edu

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