Shawn A. Ricks

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator


Department: Human Performance and Sport Sciences
Office Location: C 017 Anderson
Phone: 336-750-2508
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Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Shawn Arango Ricks is an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Rehabilitation Studies at Winston-Salem State University, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  During her time at WSSU, she has chaired and co-chaired numerous committees, and currently serves as the co-chair for the Council on
Diversity and Equity of the National Council on Rehabilitation Education.  In addition, she is past-president of the Southern Organization for Human Services (SOHS) and an appointed member of the North Carolina Practice Improvement Collaborative.  Dr. Ricks has been an invited speaker and facilitator in the areas of diversity, equity and social justice for numerous non-profit agencies. 
Her research interests include the psychosocial development of Black women in the academy, raising Black children in "post-racial" America, and supervision and assessment of field placements for undergraduate students.

Educational Background

  • B.A. General Arts and Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University, 1990
  • M. Ed., Counselor Education, The Pennsylvania State University, 1993
  • Ph. D., Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2011

  • Selected Publications:

    Ricks, S.  (2012)  Breaking Bread with Audre, Journal of Black Masculinity, 2 (3), p. 25-50.

    Ricks, S. (2009)  Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Survival Skills of African American Women    Journal of Justice Studies,  p. 96-108.

    Ricks, S. (2009)  Review of Career Interventions and Techniques: A Complete Guide for Human Service Professionals (2007) by Molly S. Duggan, M.S. and Jurgens, J.C. .  Human Service Education; Vol. 29 (1), p84-86.

    Arango, S. and Levey, M., (1998)  College and Women of Color, in How to succeed on a majority campus: a guide for minority students.  Levey, M., Blanco, M., and Jones, W.T. (Eds.), Wadsworth:  CA 

    Additional Information:

    REH 2304 Crisis Intervention

    REH 4120 Internship in Rehabilitation Studies

    REH 3311 Professional Development

    REH 4301 Community Resources

    REH 2306 Mental Health Issues in Rehabilitation

    National Council for Black Studies, Ford Foundation Fellow, Summer Institute for Ph.D. Students, June 9 -June 12, 2010

    Luther Self Fellowship, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2010-2011 Academic Year

    Pi Lambda Theta, International Honor and Professional Society in Education.

    Presenter, "Navigating Field Experience: Challenges for Undergraduate Rehabilitation Education", National Council on Rehabilitation Education, October 2012, Arlington, VA.

    Presenter, "Deconstructing Diversity", National Council on Rehabilitation Education, April 2012, San Francisco, CA.

    Presenter, "Navigating my 'Tight Spaces': Breaking Bread with Audre Lorde, a Critical Discourse Analysis of Sister Outsider", National Women's Studies Association, November 2011, Atlanta, GA.

    Panel presentation, "Undergraduate Rehabilitation Education Ethics" National Council on Rehabilitation Education, April 2011, Manhattan Beach, CA.

    Co-presenter, "Rehabilitation Studies Field Experience: Building Partnerships to Influence Career Choice"  National Council on Rehabilitation Studies/CSAVR/RSA Conference, October 2010, Arlington, VA.

    Presenter, "Black women and Self-Preservation" American Education Studies Association, October 2010, Denver, CO.

    Co-presenter, "Evolution or Extinction: The Future of Undergraduate Rehabilitation", Southern Organization for Human Services, April 2010, Concord, NC.

    Co-presenter, "Since Combahee River Collective: Envisioning a Black Feminist Statement while Thinking, Speaking, and Working Margin to Margin", National Women's Studies Association, November 2009, Atlanta, GA

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