Jo Ann Coco-Ripp

Associate Professor, PhD, LRT. CTRS


Department: Human Performance and Sport Sciences
Office Location: Anderson C023A
Phone: 336-750-3459
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Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Coco-Ripp practiced therapeutic recreation for many years before embracing a career change to higher education. Among the areas where she served as a practitioner, residential youth and other behavioral health settings are her preferences. Prior to WSSU, she taught at Oklahoma State, Georgia Southern and the University of Utah. While at Utah, Dr. Coco-Ripp had the opportunity to be fully involved in several research projects: A National Institute of Health study focused on patients receiving chemotherapy; a study funded by the Third District court to investigate best practices related to recreation therapy with adjudicated youth; and an after school program focused on youth from Asian backgrounds. Currently, she serves as the Co-chair for the annual Research Institute sponsored by the American Therapeutic Recreation Association. Her current personal focus for research is the development of a competency scale for Challenge Course facilitators. Over the past few years at WSSU, she has been involved in teaching the Adventure Based Programs inquiry class in the Honors program. She has also been active in the general education curriculum through design and implementation of a course focused on critical reading learning outcomes: Living Well! Benefits of Leisure for People with Disabilities. Another area of curricular involvement has been development of liberal learning seminars; currently, with Dr. Wiggins she co-teaches Blame it on the Boogie; Exploring the Music and Health Connection.

Educational Background

  • University of Utah Ph. D., Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (PRT) Certificate, Interpreter Preparation Program Graduate Linguistics Series Graduate Studies in Therapeutic Recreation M.A., Physical Education and Health
  • Illinois Central College
  • Gallaudet University
  • Illinois State University
  • Ball State University

  • Selected Publications:

    Coco-Ripp, J. A. (2013). Inclusive leisure services (3rd ed.). [Book Review]. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 47 (1), 61-62.

    Coco-Ripp, J. A. (2012). Should people of color be encouraged to participate in current outdoor adventure programs? In B. Martin & M. Wagstaff (Eds.), Controversial Issues in Adventure Programming (111-126). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, Inc.

    Coco-Ripp, J. A. (2011). Lessons learned from plunging into Web 2.0 tools. American Journal of Recreation Therapy, 10 (1), 5-10.

    Anderson, L., Ashton, C., Carter, M., Coco-Ripp, J. A., Daly, F. S., Heyne, L., Long, T., Lundberg, N., McMahan, C., Wolfe, B., & Zabriskie, R. (2011). Guidelines for learning outcomes for therapeutic recreation education for Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT) 2013 Standards. Available at

    Coco-Ripp, J. A. (2010). Teaching behavioral observations: An action research project. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 44 (4), 311-322.

    Additional Information:

    TRC 2305-Living Well! Benefits of Leisure for People with Disabilities

    TRC 2312-Introduction/Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation

    TRC 3340-Assessment and Documentation in TR

    TRC 3342-Procedures in Therapeutic Recreation

    TRC 3352-Principles in Therapeutic Recreation

    TRC 4300-Research and Evaluation Methods

    TRC 4306-Organization and Management

    TRC 0122-Internship

    LLS 1301-Liberal Learning Seminar [music/health]

    LLS 1367-Liberal Learning Seminar [dance/health]

    HON 1300-02 Adventure Based Programs (2 semesters)

    Accepted (December, 2008) and continue to serve as a member of the pool of academic visitors eligible to serve as part of a visiting team for accreditation visits to colleges and universities by the Council on Accreditation (COA), sponsored by the National Recreation and Park Association.

    Selected as Item Writing committee member for over 10 years, National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification; continue to provide exceptional question items for national test use

    North Carolina Recreational Therapy Association Student / Professionals Issues Forum, Winston-Salem State University 2012 Facilitating Challenge Course Activities for Goal Achievement [co-presenters: J. Burcham, A. Shepard]

    Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching at Greensboro NC

    2013 Evaluation and Assignments Associated with Critical Reading Skills (poster presentation)

    2012 Connecting Music and health: blame it on the Boogie (co-presenter: D. Wiggins)

    2011 General Education Transformed: Launching Liberal learning Seminars at WSSU (co-chaired group with D. Wiggins: P. Simmons, R. Belfield, G. Martin, S. Melton-Mickles, M. Muiu, F. Roundtree, T. Walker)

    National Recreation and Park Association's Annual Congress, Atlanta GA; 2011 Supporting Healthy Lifestyles through E-books and Other Digital Media

    American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) Research Institute

    2012 Effective Teaching Techniques: Meeting the Needs of Millennial Students (co-presenter with J. Hinton, S. Sklar) [education session]

    2012 Horticulture Therapy at Simon's Green Acre [EBP poster]

    2011 Promoting the Profession through Publication, Pre conference presentation as part of Education Institut

    Society of Park and Recreation Educators Teaching Institute: Planting the seed, Tending the vine; Rutledge, GA; 2011 Preparing the soil: Comparison of two approaches to course design

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