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Greg Taylor

Management and Marketing
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Curriculum Vitae


While at Winston-Salem State in administrative faculty roles, I spent much of my time developing, managing and teaching in the Management Information Systems major program, managing the Accounting program and creating an MBA program. After over 13 years, I left my administrative responsibilities in 2007 and now teach quantitative techniques and statistics to business students. Over the last several years, I’ve significantly increased my involvement with public schools by volunteering to coach a middle school math team and a high school math team. These teams have created math cultures within the public schools that attract many parents of high-achieving students to our community. I've also spent several years chairing nonprofit boards and managing executives.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Business Administration, Texas Tech University
  • M.S. Business Administration, Texas Tech University
  • B.S. Mathematics and Statistics, Miami University

Selected Publications:

Heilman, G. and Taylor G., Student Perceptions of the Effect of Facilitating Conditions on Computer Usage, Issues in Information Systems, V8(2), 2007, 362-66.

Gagnon R. and Taylor G., How Student DS Projects Benefit All, OR/MS Today, 18(4), 1991, 30-32.

Taylor G. and Conover, W.J., A Nonparametric Confidence Interval for Slope Based on Spearman's Rho, Communications in Statistics, B17, 1988, 905-916.

Taylor G. Attracting the Best Students into Statistics, Proceedings of the 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Statistical Association, Seattle,WA, 2390-92.

Heilman, G., White, S. and Taylor G.,Evaluating the Relationship Between Student Perceptions of Computer Efficacy and Computer Usage, Proceedings of the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, 2005, 453-455.

Morton R. and Taylor G., Electronic/Digital Signatures: E-Commerce Beyond On-line Catalog Ordering Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, Proceedings, 2001, p. 48-50.

Taylor G. and Sethuraman R., Integrating Object-Oriented Methods into MIS Curricula, Southern Management Information Systems Association, 2nd Annual Conference, Proceedings, Oct. 5-7, 1995, 16.

Taylor G., Quality as an Integrating Framework for Teaching Business Statistics, Proceedings of the 1992 American Statistical Association Meeting, Section on Quality and Productivity, Boston, MA 1993, 157-158.

Taylor G., Taylor C., Evans, G. and Norris J., Where the Crabs Were, Proceedings of the 1990 American Statistical Association Meeting, Statistical Graphics Section, 1991, 159-164.

Taylor G., Gagnon, R., and Saladin, B., Teaching Quantitative Methods in an Integrated Business Curriculum, Proceedings of the 1990 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, 1990, 453-455.

Taylor G and Gagnon, R., Introducing Statistics and Management Science to MBA Students:  An Experiential Project Approach, Proceedings of the 1989 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, 1989, 453-455.

Galliher, R., Deel, O., Taylor G. and Ivey, R, Plastic Media Blast Materials Characterization Study - Follow On Effort, Department of Defense Tri-Service and Industry - Advanced Coatings Removal Conference, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH, 1, 1988, 229-255.

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