Gary D. Bond

Associate Professor


Department: Psychological Sciences
Office Location: Coltrane Hall #203
Phone: 336-750-2627
Fax: 336-750-8650
Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Bond is an Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences. He has been at WSSU since 2006, and has served as Chair of the Institutional Review Board at WSSU and was the first Chair of the Department of Psychological Sciences, which was founded in 2012. Dr. Bond is a Cognitive Psychologist who obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM.

Dr. Bond's research is centered on interpersonal communication and the language that is transmitted between interactants. Both the content and the sounds of the language are important variables in his research, and he investigates linguistic interactions to predict such psychological behaviors as interpersonal trust, and how trust might predict overall performance of persons working in interpersonal situations on complex tasks. He has also studied acts of deception in prison with prisoners and with paroled felons. He has recently collaborated with Dr. Walker and Dr. Henderson in the Department to assess the language of grief in the loss of loved ones in African American samples and in samples from the Philippines.

Dr. Bond's teaching experience is varied, but the following courses have been regularly taught by him: cognitive psychology, aging, lifespan development, experimental psychology, and scientific writing. 

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM (Cognitive Psychology)
  • M.A., New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM (Experimental Psychology)

  • Research and Project Interests:

  • cognition, language, trust, interpersonal communication

  • Selected Publications:

    Henderson, D.X., Bond, G.D., Alderson, C.J., & Walker, W.R. (2014). This too shall pass: Evidence of coping and fading emotion in African Americans’ memories of violent and nonviolent death. OMEGA Journal of Death Studies. 

    Bond, G.D. (2012). Focus on basic cognitive mechanisms and strategies in deception research (and remand custody of ‘wizards’ to Harry Potter movies). Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 1(1), 128-130. doi:  

    Lee, A.Y., Bond, G.D., Russell, D.C., Tost, J., Gonzalez, C., & Scarbrough, P.S. (2010). Perceived trustworthiness in a complex military team peacekeeping task. Military Psychology, 22, 237-261. 

    Andrews, J.J., Bond, G.D., & Speller, L.F. (2009). When course management systems fail: Student and instructor ‘on-the-fly’ adaptation behaviors. Cognitive Technology, 14, 45-54. 

    Bond, G.D. (2008). Deception detection expertise. Law and Human Behavior, 32, 339-351. 

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    Bond, G.D., & Lee, A.Y. (2005). Language of lies in prison: Linguistic classification of inmates’ truthful and deceptive natural language. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 19, 313-329. 

    Bond, G.D., & Lee, A.Y. (2005). The darkest side of trust: Validating the Generalized Communication Suspicion scale with prison inmates. Personality and Individual Differences, 38, 1429-1438.   

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    Bond, G.D., Thompson, L.A., & Malloy, D.M. (2005). Lifespan differences in the social networks of prison inmates. The International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 61, 161-178.  

    Bond, G.D., Malloy, D.M., Thompson, L.A., Arias, E.A., & Nunn, S.N. (2004). Post-probe decision making in a prison context. Communication Monographs, 71, 269-285. 

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