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Department: Physical Therapy
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Email:  connerkerrt@wssu.edu
Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Conner-Kerr has over 17 years of experience in physical therapy education and practice. She holds a PhD in Anatomy & Cell Biology and has dual clinical certifications in lymphedema and wound management. She is board certified in wound management by the American Academy of Wound Management.  Dr. Conner-Kerr has served on the board of directors and on the executive committee
of wound care associations/panels and examination boards. She also serves on the editorial or peer-review board of several national journals and has authored some 50 scholarly works in peer-reviewed journals and books. She has presented extensively both nationally and internationally on the topic of wound management technologies and practices. Dr. Conner-Kerr also serves as a new product development consultant for wound care technologies and conducts preclinical trial testing for novel wound healing therapies.

Educational Background

  • B.S.,Biology Queens College
  • Ph.D., Anatomy & Cell Biology East Carolina University, Brody School of Medicine
  • B.S.P.T., Physical Therapy, East Carolina University, School of Allied Health Sciences

  • Research and Project Interests:

  • Dr. Conner-Kerr's primary research interest is in the area of tissue healing. She has studied the effects of various forms of physical energy on controlling antibiotic-resistant bacteria and stimulating wound healing. Her research interests also include simulation and gaming technology and their application to health care education.

  • Additional Information:

    Certified Wound Specialist Diplomat, National Registry of Board Certified Wound Specialists American Academy of Wound Management 1720 Kennedy Causeway, Suite 109 North Bay Village, Fl 33141 Certificate # 0437

    Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy/Manual Lymphatic Drainage CDP/MLD Leduc School

    Certified Lymphatic Therapist The Academy of Lymphatic Studies

    Administration & Management – DPT 8402
    Professional Issues - DPT 6201
    Integumentary Management - DPT 7301
    Research II & III - DPT 7207, 8205
    Pathology (Coordinator)- DPT 6305
    Pharmacology (Coordinator) – DPT 6206

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