Center of Excellence in Financial Services

Mr. Nicholas A. Daves

Mr. Nicholas A. Daves
Center of Excellence in Financial Services
Instructor of Finance
Reynolds Center, Rm 127
(336) 750-8707

The mission of the Center of Excellence in Financial Services is to promote the study of personal finance topics in the context of a career in personal financial planning.  To accomplish this mission, the CEFS will

(1)    Maintain registration of the undergraduate financial planning
        curriculum with the CFP Board of Standards, Inc.

(2)    Establish and maintain active liaison with local and regional
        investment and financial planning professionals.

(3)    Establish a Board of Advisors consisting of faculty and financial
        planning professionals.  The purposes of this board are to insure
        curriculum relevancy, enhance student learning experiences
        in and outside the classroom and seek competitive internships for 
        qualified students.

(4)    Seek opportunities for personal financial planning students to
        conduct seminars for WSSU students, area high school students
        and selected other community groups.  This will be accomplished
        through on-site visits and presentations in addition to activities at 
        Winston Tower and on the WSSU campus.

(5)    Sponsor visiting presenters for seminars open to all university
        students and faculty.  These seminars will cover a variety of
        topics in personal and corporate finance, career counseling,
        community awareness/service and appropriate national and
        international business-related issues.

The following are activities of the CEFS for this semester:

(1)  In conjunction with the WS office of Merrill Lynch, we sponsored two seminars of three sessions
      each on “Retirement planning Today.”  The seminars were open to the public and we signed up
      35 participants, each of whom paid a nominal fee for the binder workbook provided to each
      participant.  The seminars were held at the William G. White, Jr. YMCA on Tuesdays and
      Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  Presenters of the material were a Senior Financial Advisor 
      from Merrill Lynch and a senior partner in a local law firm.  Feedback from the attendees was
      positive, and we intend to repeat the seminar during the second quarter of 2009. 
(2)  Working through student teams from a student organization, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE),
      the center has coached the student teams on personal finance topics such as saving, budgeting,
      credit management, vehicle and home purchases, resume preparation and interviewing skills. 
      Presentations by the students, accompanied by a faculty representative, are currently taking
      place two nights each week at the office of the Salvation Army on North Trade Street.  Between
      three and five students are involved in each presentation, and attendance has averaged 28. 
      The attendees come from two groups of Salvation Army clients – the Residential Re-entry Center
      (convicted felons in the last 12 months of their sentences) and the Homeless Shelter for Families
      and Single Women.  Since the presentations are currently in process, we do not have feedback
      surveys from the participants.  However, interactions with the students are lively and we
      anticipate a positive outcome. 
(3)  Stephanie Joseph, J.D., a visiting assistant professor of business law, has recently joined the
      CEFS, and her office is located on the ninth floor of Winston Tower.  She is currently exploring
      community needs and is preparing presentation material for proposed outreach seminars.  Topics
      under consideration are The Legal Aspects of Franchising and Income Tax Refund Promotions as
      advertised in the media.  

For information, please contact Nick Daves, Director of the Center for Excellence in Financial Services, at 750-8707 or visit his office in RJR 127.

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