Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Dr. Lenora R. Campbell

Dr. Lenora R. Campbell RN, PhD
Associate Dean and Professor

Vision Statement

The Division of Nursing at Winston-Salem State University is a national premier nursing school based on excellence in education, research, and public service, as well as diversity in student population and program offerings.

Mission Statement



The BSN program at WSSU prepares students to enter the workforce as generalists. The faculty is committed to promoting career mobility in students interested in pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree by providing several program options to both traditional and non-traditional learners. The program options include: Traditional, Paramedic to BSN, Accelerated BSN, and RN to BSN.

Sixty hours are required in the general education core and support courses for the nursing major.  Upon completion of these courses, the student may apply for admission to the nursing major.

The belief that students should be acknowledged for knowledge gleaned from prior experiences and education attracts many students with diverse backgrounds such as paramedics, licensed practical nurses, second-degree students, and transfers from other schools.  Paramedics are given the opportunity to receive credit by challenge examination for selected nursing courses. 


The Accelerated option is a thirteen month option designed for persons who have a bachelor's degree and have completed pre-requisite courses for the BSN.

ABSN Application

The RN-BSN Option is offered at multiple off-campus sites.

RN-BSN Option Distance Learning Program

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