Faces of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Curriculum


The entry-level Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Degree (MSOT) is designed for the student with an undergraduate degree; offered over 7 semesters, including 24 weeks of full-time fieldwork experience supervised by licensed practitioners.

Educational Objectives                   

Graduates of the Occupational Therapy program will:

  • Incorporate occupation-based frames of reference and theoretical models in the delivery of therapeutic services that ensure the best possible health outcomes for consumers.
  • Devise and implement client-centered, evidence-based, and culturally relevant assessments and interventions required of an entry-level practitioner.
  • Demonstrate ability to manage resources and to provide services in diverse and emerging arenas of practice.
  • Apply principles of evidence-based research in scholarship and practice that contribute to the profession’s body of scientific knowledge.
  • Act as an advocate to educate the public, to promote consumer health and wellness, and to provide community and professional leadership and service.
  • Demonstrate skill that shows effective communication and appreciation for diversity, cultural differences, occupational differences, and backgrounds of individuals.
  • Employ technology in teaching, learning and adaptation of the environment.
  • Engage in ethical behaviors and attitudes that demonstrate responsibility in adhering to the Code of Ethics and professional standards. 
WSSU Occupational Therapy Cuurriculum

Innovative Curriculum Model

An integrated curriculum that highlights practical skills and fundamental courses that prepares students in their role as practitioner, administrator, educator-learner and researcher in traditional and emerging areas of practice.

Engaging Coursework

MSOT courses are delivered by a diverse clinical and doctoral prepared faculty who are experts in their respective field. Courses are delivered in a manner that cultivates learning while stimulating creativity, critical reasoning and evidence-based practice. Learning experiences progressively reinforce assessment and intervention through "hands on" applications.

Culture, Diversity & Service

WSSU program attracts a diverse student body. Strong emphasis is placed on immersive experiences with diverse cultures, ethnic groups as well as opportunities for regional, community and international service learning and fieldwork affiliations. Professional service, student and faculty scholarship in state and national associations are expected and highly valued.

State of the Art Facilities

Accessibility to patient simulation, human cadavers and well equipped skill laboratories, wireless ready classrooms and a comprehensive library system across 16 campuses in the UNC University system.

For general info about occupational therapy visit The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.

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