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The WSSU Physical Therapy program is leading the way in applied learning using human patient simulation to simulate basic to complex clinical scenarios in a virtual hospital environment.  The department secured almost $700,000 in funding to establish a virtual hospital and simulation training facility.  Through funding secured by the Dean’s Office and other clinical departments, a 4,000 square foot virtual hospital will open in August 2011, providing applied learning opportunities to WSSU Health Science students and community clinicians.  The faculty in the PT Department has conducted continuing competency workshops for clinical partners in the region using human patient simulation.  This facility increases the capacity for interdisciplinary training of health science students and clinicians in the region and beyond.

Physical Therapy Department Simulation Activities and Accomplishments:

WSSU proposes a new model for clinical education integrating human patient simulation and virtual training.  (Conner-Kerr and Prybylo. (2011) Journal of Best Practices in Health Professions Diversity).

WSSU Faculty obtain a provisional patent on a pressure ulcer simulator with Wake Forest University and Western Carolina University (Conner-Kerr).

WSSU DPT faculty present on human patient simulation in teaching musculoskeletal content at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy in Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2011 (Smith and Foxworth, 2011)

WSSU DPT faculty presented a 2nd Conference Program on Human Patient Simulation at the Physical Therapy Annual Meeting at National Harbor, MD, June 2011 (Smith & Prybylo).

WSSU previously presented on the integration of human patient simulation across the curriculum in a 1 Day pre-conference at APTA CSM in 2009 (Conner-Kerr, Prybylo, Caruso, Smith, Bivins, Darby).

WSSU faculty presents research on Human Patient Simulation at APTA CSM 2009 and 2010. (Conner-Kerr, Prybylo, Smith, Caruso; Smith, Prybylo, Conner-Kerr)

WSSU faculty present a pre-conference on selecting new dressing technologies using human patient simulation at the Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin & Wound Care, September 2010, Orlando, FL (Conner-Kerr, Smith, Bell, Haddow)

WSSU faculty presents a post-conference at Save-A-Life, Save-A-Limb on wound care for individuals with diabetes and a residual limb using human patient simulation in September 2010, Orlando, FL (Conner-Kerr & Smith)

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