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Hip Joint Loading during the Golf Swing

Hip Joint Loading during Golf SwingGolf is a sport that has become universally popular in today's society. According to the National Golf Foundation, approximately 28.6 million individuals above the age of 6 participate in the sport. Golf is not considered a high impact sport, and therefore is considered a safe sport to return to even after major hip surgeries. Ninety-nine percent of orthopedic surgeons have no restrictions on returning to golf following a total hip replacement. The golf swing is a complex, multijoint, multiplanar movement with the hip serving as an important transitional link between the lumbar spine and the knee. There is a dearth of information in the literature concerning biomechanical forces of the hip during a golf swing. Currently, there are no clear guidelines concerning when it is advisable to return to golf after an injury to the hip. It is also unknown whether there should be different considerations concerning return to golf based on injuries in the trail versus the lead hip. The primary purpose of this research is to describe the forces and moments occurring about the hip during a typical golf swing performed by male golfers. 


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