Human Performance and Biodynamics Lab

Effects of Acetabular Labral Tears on Proprioceptive Parameters of the Human Hip Joint

One Leg Stand - Labral Tears

Acetabular labral tears constitute a relatively common pathology in younger, highly active, and athletic populations. While this intraarticular lesion poses significant morbidity and activity restrictions, historically there have been very limited treatment options due to the activity limitations and wear associated with traditional prosthetic arthroplasties.   Furthermore, labral tears present diagnostic challenges, even with the advent of newer imaging modalities, and definitive diagnoses often depends on arthroscopic procedures. Though the limitations in activity of the pathology are known, we are aware of no study that investigated differences in balance between labral tear patients and normal controls.  We hypothesize that labral tears are associated with decreased hip joint proprioception as quantified with established balance measurements.

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