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Joint Movements in Working Dogs

Working Dogs - Joint Movement



Working dogs perform a variety of important tasks for the military and law enforcement officials. These special dogs are routinely asked to perform various movements that include explosives detection, patrol and sentry, search and rescue, and missing persons tracking. Due to these physically demanding activities many of these dogs suffer from joint related disabilities. The purpose of the current project is to Working Dogs - Joint Movementincorporate multi-slice CT, motion capture, and computer animation to model joint movements in these working dogs. With the information gained from this work, we hope to provide early detection and treatment to minimize loss of man-hours, financial investment, and mission readiness. We are collaborating with researchers from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech, the Center for Biomolecular Imaging at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, and the Department of Fine Art at Winston-Salem State University.


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