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Centers and Support Programs

Maya Angelou Institute
Dr. Maya Angelou The purpose of the Maya Angelou Institute is to improve child and family education through community partnerships, program development and implementation, professional education and research. The Institute initiates interdisciplinary collaborations within the Winston-Salem State University community, with Winston-Salem Forsyth County public elementary schools and community service organizations. The intent of the Institute is to mount initiatives designed to give children and families the tools needed to thrive educationally, socially, physically, and psychologically.
Real Men Teach As an academic support program designed to address the critical shortage of male teachers, it is our priority to provide program participants, or protégés, with the necessary tools and experiences that will prepare them for success in their respective teacher education programs.
Teacher Education Advisement & Partnership Center
TEAP Center The TEAP Center helps to:

• Advise and retain pre-admitted students
• Inform and support licensure candidates (undergraduates
  and post-baccalaureate)
• Establish school and community partnerships
  Cultural Competence Breakthrough Series Collaborative
 Cultural Competence BSC The WSSU Cultural Competence BSC was intentionally developed to build, integrate, and sustain cultural competence within North Carolina's early childhood system. Equity in early childhood programs is connected to the growing diversity in our communities and early childhood programs.

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