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The overall aim is to strengthen the foundation upon which to build teaching skills and to develop the dispositions expected of excellent educational professionals.

The purpose of Project PASS is to facilitate supplementary opportunities and activities so teacher education candidates can help each other perform satisfactorily on qualifying examinations and adopt professional dispositions.

The goals of Project P.A.S.S are as follows:

  • Establish multiple and evolving opportunities of candidates to learn concepts on Praxis1, a pre-professional test that measures skills needed to prepare for a career in education.
  • Broaden candidates' understanding and practice of dispositions expected of education professionals.
  • Encourage students to take required steps towards admission into teacher education programs.
  • Improve interaction and cooperation and create professional relationships among teacher education students.
  • Build a base for and strengthen interest in lifelong learning.

Project PASS sponsors and co-sponsors several events that promote the stated above purpose. These events help education majors learn professionalism, classroom management, and other skills that will make students become wonderful teachers. Also, during every Project PASS meeting there is an activity that helps students progress as individuals and as future teachers and members are informed of everything that they need to become the teachers they want to be.

2012-2013 Officers


President Brianca Alston
Vice President Brooklyn Ellis
Secretary Oneisha Grant
Marketing Chairperson (open)

Vicki L. Grant







All meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4:00pm in the TEAP Center; located in G-20 of the Anderson Center.

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