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Jeff Burton & Travis Teague
Jeff Burton & Travis Teague

The Motorsports Management program at WSSU is an experiential degree program housed in the School of Education and Human Performance, with cooperation from the School of Business and Economics. This multi-disciplinary approach includes courses from both schools in order to provide the broad academic foundation needed to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing field.

The curriculum includes a required internship where opportunities are plentiful for students through various industry partnerships and corporate relationships. The coursework is designed to prepare you for making the most of these internship opportunities—allowing you to gain valuable experience and establish important contacts for accelerating your career right out of college.

Every Student is required to participate in four experiential learning events per semester within the industry.  This interaction provides our students with excellent opportunities for both practical experience and networking with industry professionals.   

A Quick Look Inside the Program.A Quick Look Inside the Program.

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