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Physical Education - Recreation - Non- Teaching, B.S.


The mission of the Physical Education /Recreation – Non-Teaching Program is to produce skilled, effective practitioners who have the ability deliver quality recreation programs by offering a program well-grounded in scientific and foundational knowledge. This could lead to a variety of job opportunities in related academic disciplines.  

Career Opportunities:

Successful completion of the Physical Education / Recreation – Non-Teaching curriculum prepares students for a wide array of opportunities including: coaching and/or graduate school to specialize in a variety of related academic disciplines (e.g., exercise physiology, pedagogy, motor behavior). Students may also qualify for employment in fitness, leisure, or recreation.

Curriculum Requirements:

The BS degree in Physical Education/Recreation – Non-Teaching requires the successful completion of 123 hours of course work, consisting of: 60 hours of general studies and 33 hours of Physical Education, and 21 hours in the Recreation core requirements; and 9 hours of related courses. Please see an example of a plan of study for the Physical Education/ Recreation – Non- Teaching degree.

Admission Requirements:

Students must meet skill competency requirements. To meet this requirement, students must either pass a competency examination, or take a one-hour activity course. Student must complete a 1 credit-hour practicum and 6 credit-hours of internship.

How to obtain an advisor:

The Program Coordinator will assign you an advisor in the Physical Education program

Program Requirements:

Students must earn a minimum grade of "C" in each major and professional course and maintain a 2.5 GPA. In addition to completing the coursework for obtaining a degree in Physical Education/Recreation, students are also required to complete a 6 credit-hour internship, equal to at least 240 hours of internship work at a recreational site. 

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