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“Having now worked as an Administrator in RT for the past 18 years, I can truly say that WSSU RT professors helped me understand the importance of being able to teach and educate other professionals about the therapeutic aspect of recreation.   I cannot say that I truly understood this concept until I began working in RT.   RT professors warned and prepared me for a workforce that does not understand, therefore it is up to us to promote, educate, and provide therapeutic activities that are in-line with ATRA Standards of Practice.”

Dolly Williams, LRT, CTRS, LPC, NCC
Director of Rec. Therapy
New Hope Treatment Centers
Rock Hill SC


"Going to WSSU taught me that I shouldn't be afraid to ask for what I want. I used that to apply for a job that required experience that I didn’t have, and was hired on the spot because I had a college degree".

Amanda Moser, LRT/CTRS
Class of 2011
My job title is Recreation Services Director
Recreation Services Director
Golden Living Center - Surry
Mount Airy NC

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