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Dr. Jamie Robbins

 Dr. Jamie Robbins

Jamie Robbins

Assistant Professor

Office: 117 Old Nursing Building
Phone: 336-750-8603 

Curriculum Vitae

Educational History

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2004

M.S., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2000

B.A., University of Michigan, 1998


Jamie Robbins is an assistant professor in the department of HPSS. She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Jamie earned her B.A. in psychology from the University of Michigan where she also was a member of the field hockey team. From there, Jamie went on to earn her M.S. and Ph.D. in sport and exercise psychology. Her research has primarily focused on the psychosocial factors impacting sport and exercise performance.   

Courses Taught

  • EXS 4317-Applied Research
  • EXS 2322- Aging and Health
  • EXS 4314- Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • PED 2340- Motor Development
  • PED 4311- Motor Learning

Selected Publications

  • Robbins, J.E., Dummer, G., & Houston, E.  (2010). "Philosophies and Expectations of Wheelchair and Stand-up Collegiate Basketball Coaches." Journal of Sport Behavior, 30(1).
  • Robbins, J.E., & Dale, G. (2010). "Sport Psychology." In J. R. Bytomski & C. T. Moorman (eds.), Oxford American Handbook of Sports Medicine. University Oxford Press. Dale, G. &
  • Robbins, J. (2010). It's a mental thing: Five keys to improving performance and enjoying sport. Excellence in Performance: Durham, NC.
  • Robbins, J., Hand, J., & Teague, T. (2010). African American Students' Perceptions of, and Interest in, NASCAR. The North Carolina Journal of the NCAAHPERD,45, 16-21.
  • Stanley, C. T., & Robbins, J.E. (2011). "Race and Sport: The Case of a Bi-Racial Athlete." International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 9, 1-14.
  • Robbins, J. & Stanley, C. (2011). "Should have" or "Shouldn't have": Minimizing regrets in Sport. Soccer Journal, Jan-Feb 46-47.
  • Robbins, J.E., & Stanley, C.T. (in press). Exploring regret in former collegiate field hockey athletes: Emotional ramifications of sport specific decisions. Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual.
  • Robbins, J.E., & Stanley, C.T. (in press). Minimizing regret in college athletes: An intervention approach. International Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology.


  • Robbins, J.E. & Stanley, C.T. (2008). Can I call a Do-over?: Experiences and Thoughts of Former Athletes. Poster presented at Association for Applied Sport Psychology Annual Conference, St. Louis, MI.
  • Robbins, J.E., & Stanley, C.T. (2008). Getting Fit & Healthy: A Family Workshop Approach. Workshop presented at Association for Applied Sport Psychology Annual Conference, St. Louis, MI.
  • Robbins, J.E., & Dale, G. (2009). Team Debates: An interaction workshop for identifying team culture. Workshop presented at Association for Applied Sport Psychology Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Stanley, C.T. & Robbins, J.E. (2009). Health behaviors of inactive African-American mother-daughter dyads.  Poster presented at the National Health Disparities Conference, Winston-Salem, NC.
  • Stanley, C.T. & Robbins, J.E. (2010). The Mediating Effects of Racial Socialization on the Links between Activity Involvement and Racial Identity in Black Adolescents.  Poster presented at the Society for Research on Adolescence Biennial Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Robbins, J., & Stanley, C. (2010). Minimizing Regrets in College Athletes: An Intervention Approach. Presented at AASP Annual Conference, Providence, RI.
  • Stanley, C. & Robbins, J. (2011). Familial factors and health behaviors in adolescents at risk for excess weight. Presented at the National Historically Black Colleges and Universities' Annual Meeting and Seminar. Nashville, TN.
  • Swearingin, B., Robbins, J., Lynch, P., So, Y., & Crooms, B. (2012). Examination of Modifiable Risk Factors for Obesity-Related Disease in African American College Students. Poster presented at "Exercise Is Medicine" at the 59th ACSM Annual Meeting and 3rd World Congress on Exercise is Medicine®, May 29-June 2, San Francisco, California.

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