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Dr. Tammara P. Thomas

 Tammara P. Thomas

Tammara P. Thomas

Assistant Professor

Office: Anderson Center, C018
Phone: 336-750-8286

Curriculum Vitae

Educational History

  • BA in Administration of Justice, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1997
  • MS in Rehabilitation Administration and Programming Services, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2000.
  • Ph.D in Rehabilitation and Counselor Education, University of Iowa, 2013
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Tammara P. Thomas, Ph.D, CADC is an Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Studies at Winston-Salem State University.  She completed her MS in Rehabilitation Administration and Programming Services at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and her Ph.D in Rehabilitation and Counselor Education at the University of Iowa.  Throughout her career she has served as a contributor to the field of addictions as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Substance Abuse Counselor in which she has served in the capacity of a director of treatment programs (all levels of care, including corrections), clinical supervisor, trainer, speaker, instructor, program developer, evaluator, and consultant.  Additionally, she has also served as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the Department of Veterans Affairs assisting veterans with disabilities to overcome barriers that impede their ability to reach their vocational goals, and/or independent living needs.  Dr. Thomas’ research interests include: addiction studies, ethics, administration and programming, gender-responsive treatment, vocational rehabilitation and practices.

Courses Taught

  • REH 3303-Interviewing Techniques
  • REH 4302-Case Management
  • REH 4306-Counseling and Theoretical Approaches in Rehabilitation


• 04/2012 Dean's Graduate Excellence Award
• 08/2011 Rehabilitation Counseling Services (RSA) Graduate Scholars Grant
• 03/2011-04/2011 Committee on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification
• 06/2011 Summer Graduate Fellowship
• 03/2010 Presently Doctoral scholar, Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Ethics- IDARE
• 08/2009-05/2010 Diversity Scholarship
• 10/2009 Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society-Induction
• 04/2009 Women's Leadership Diversity Scholarship
• 08/2009-08/2007 Diversity Scholarship
• 08/1997-08/1999 Rehabilitation Supervision Training Scholarship










  • 02/2012 Lecture Series –Substance Abuse Treatment-Program Development, Management
                and Ethics, South Carolina State University
  • 03/2011 Substance Abuse Counseling: Ethical Decision Making ARCA Student Forum at ACA
                2011 Conference
  • 03/2010 The Perilous Journey to an Advanced Degree: Strategies for Survival,American
                Counseling Association National Conference, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 03/2010 Voices of Soldiers Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): The
                Needs and Barriers American Counseling Association National Conference -
  • 07/2009 Substance Abuse in Educational Settings-South Carolina State University 
  • 03/2009 A Supervisor's Guide for Preparing Novice Substance Abuse Counselors 11th Annual             James F. Jakobsen Graduate Conference University of Iowa, Iowa City
  • 02/2009 Articulating the Professions Identity National Council on Rehabilitation Education,
                San Antonio, Texas

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