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WSSU Tk20 Assessment System

Tk20 HigherEd is a web-based software used by the teacher education programs at Winston-Salem State University to assess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of candidates preparing to become P-12 teachers. The software allows the capture of artifacts of the candidates' work and the evaluations of their work for the purposes of internal program review and improvement, national accreditation, and state program approval.


General Instructions Instructions for Faculty
Tk20 Login and Navigation Faculty Assessment Guide
          Printing a Form           Tk20 Portfolio Assessment Guide
Completing a Survey Tk20 Reports

Instructions For Cooperating Teachers and University Supervisors
Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor Instructions

  Instructions for Students
          Making Assignment Submissions         Submitting the Pre-clinical Experience Evaluation
Submitting the Student Teacher Binder Submitting the Evidence Portfolio
Submitting Course Binders TPA Quick Guide
Tips for Uploading Files TPA FAQs

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