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Dr. Denise PearsonThank you for exploring Winston-Salem State University's School of Education and Human Performance!  We hope you find the information contained throughout these web pages informative and useful.

Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) marked a historic milestone in 2012 by celebrating 120 years of academic excellence and service to the community, and the School of Education and Human Performance (SEHP) is deeply rooted in this proud history. Winston-Salem State University was founded by Simon Green Atkins as the Slater Industrial Academy on September 28, 1892. It began in a one-room frame structure with 25 pupils and one teacher. In 1895, the school was recognized by the state of North Carolina, and in 1897 it was chartered by the state as the Slater Industrial and State Normal School.

Since its inception, the school recognized the critical role of elementary school teachers in any program aimed at building an improved citizenship. As such, emphasis has continuously been placed upon teacher preparation programs. In 1925, the General Assembly of North Carolina recognized the school's leadership in this field; granted the school a new charter, extending its curriculum above high school; changed its name to Winston-Salem Teachers College; and empowered it under authority of the State Board of Education to confer appropriate degrees. Winston-Salem Teachers College thus became the first African American institution of higher learning in the nation to grant degrees for teaching in the elementary grades.  We are very proud of our history and are committed to preserving its legacy!

Today, in the School of Education and Human Performance we continue to strive to translate our beliefs of educational equity, access, and relevance, in addition to and social justice, into best practices across the curriculum.  Our faculty are dedicated educators and scholars who are committed to preparing professionals to impact their community, the state and the world.  Our students are diverse, creative, inquisitive, and eager to learn in the context of 21st century opportunities and challenges.

Here at WSSU, we sit atop a solid foundation -- a phenomenal legacy -- and we are excited about our future where students Enter to Learn. Depart to Serve.


Best wishes,

Denise Pearson, PhD

Professor of Education and Interim Dean


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