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Student Success Center
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Welcome to the WSSU's Supplemental Instruction (SI) program

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an international, peer facilitated academic assistance program that targets historically difficult courses to improve student performance and retention by offering regularly scheduled, out-of-class study review sessions.

WSSU's SI program began in the Spring of 2007. SI study sessions are free and voluntary to students enrolled in the targeted courses (see SI course schedule), and are facilitated by student tutors (SI leaders) who have taken and aced the course in the past. 

In the study sessions, SI students will "integrate what to learn with how to learn" by applying appropriate learning strategies such as problem solving, flash card games, and other course content games, and graphic organizational skills integrated within the targeted course content. SI students will also take mock exams and learn other test taking strategies while learning course content.  SI sessions are active, productive and socially engaging.                 

Thank you for visiting the SI programs webpage, and we aim to assist your academic quest.

Fawad Rafi, M.S.
Director of Supplemental Instruction and Research Initiatives
University College and Lifelong Learning

Winston-Salem State University

601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Phone: (336) 750-2000

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