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Student Refund Dates

Initially, student refunds are issued at the beginning of each semester on the eleventh class day. Refunds due to students will be issued after all financial obligations are satisfied. Refunds are not issued on anticipated funds. Additional refunds are processed according to the schedule listed below.

Student Accounts reserves the right to make changes to this schedule.

Schedule for fall and spring regular term:

             FALL 2012                                                      SPRING 2013

       September 4, 2012                                               January 29, 2013

       September 14, 2012                                             February 15, 2013

       September 28, 2012                                             February 28, 2013

       October 15, 2012                                                 March 15, 2013

       October 31, 2012                                                 March 29, 2013

       November 15, 2015                                               April 15, 2013

       November 30, 2012                                               April 30, 2013

       December 14, 2012                                               May 15, 2013

Refunds cannot be picked up in the Student Accounts Office. They are mailed to the permanent address on file or directly deposited into your current refund bank account, at the time the refund is issued. (Permanent addresses are updated in the registrar’s office, 202 Thompson Center). If a class is dropped after the drop/add period, there is no financial credit.

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