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Billing Information


Electronic billing (E-Bill) is Winston-Salem State University's (WSSU) official method of billing. A link to the current billing statement will be sent to the student's official WSSU email address on each bill date. If the student has set up authorized users, an additional email will be sent to this address.

Billing Schedule

For enrolled students, electronic billing statements are generated on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, billing will be generated the following business day.

On the monthly statement date, each student and his/her authorized user(s) will be sent an email notification that a new statement is available online.

Online Bill

The current statement includes the amount you have been charged for tuition and fees, the amount due and the payment due date. From the E-Bill, you are able to:

  • View and print current and prior statements
  • View current student account balance
  • Open and save as a PDF document
  • Set up authorized users to view and make payment on your account
  • Add alternative emails via authorize user tab

*Students are responsible for reviewing their billing statements and reporting any anomalies to the Office of Student Accounts

Options for Payment

  • Financial Aid - If you have a complete financial aid award that covers the charges on your account (your balance is zero or a credit), you can validate your schedule online. If you have a partial award, you must pay the difference or set up a payment plan.
  • Credit card - Payments can be made online and if the total amount due is paid, the schedule will be validated.
  • Mail payments - Cashier checks or money orders, can be sent to the following address: Winston-Salem State University, Suite 200, Thompson Center , Winston-Salem, NC 27110.
  • Payment Plan - The current payment plan is being revised, check back for Fall 2012. 
  • Remember: 1) Your student account must be either a negative or zero balance in order to validate your schedule. 2) You must make the required payments as well as pay the enrollment fee in order to be validated.

Steps for Online Credit Card Payment

  1. From the Student Account homepage, under Featured Links "click" Student Account Suite
  2. In the Students and Staff box, Key in BANNER ID and Pin Number
  3. Select Make a Payment
  4. Click "Pay" under action
  5. Select Payment Method: "CREDIT CARD"
  7. Follow on screen directions to complete payment
  8. Banner will automatically validate your schedule with FULL payment via credit card.  If any other amount is paid, contact Student Accounts (Billings and Receivables) to validate your schedule.
  9. Print confirmation page for your receipt

For questions or concerns, please contact the Student Accounts (Billings & Receivables).











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