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Online Validation, Direct Deposit Refunds & Insurance Waiver


  1. From the WSSU homepage, "click" on Current Students
  2. "Click" on Banner Rams Online
  3. Enter Secure Area, Key in Personal Information (BANNER ID , Pin Number)
  4. Select FINANCIAL AID Tab
  5. Select Award, Select Aid Year
  6. Select Account Summary by Term
  7. If the following conditions are met you can validate online:
    • All financial aid criteria is met and the aid shows as memo or authorized
    • The balance on the account from aid is $0.00 or a credit , i.e. -$500.00
    • A bar will show on the screen which says "CLICK HERE TO VALIDATE"
    • Once you "click" the message will be "YOU ARE VALIDATED." If you cannot validate, contact Student Accounts (Billings and Receivables).


  1. From Banner RAMs Online – Click “PAY ONLINE NOW” to log on to Student Account Suite
  2. In the “STUDENTS & STAFF” box, enter Banner ID and PIN number
  3. Click “LOGIN”
  4. Click on the “eREFUNDS” tab at the top of page
  5. Click “SETUP ACCOUNT”
  6. Select payment type “CHECKING” or “SAVINGS” and click go
  7. Enter your Bank Account information and be sure to assign your payment method a name at the bottom of the page.
    • You will need your 9-digit bank routing number and your actual bank account number…DO NOT key your debit card number as your bank account number, this will cause your direct deposit to be rejected
  8. Click “CONTINUE”
  9. Read carefully the information submitted and click “I AGREE” and “CONTINUE” or click  “CANCEL” to make changes

(Additionally, the 1st step can be accessed from the Student Accounts page under Featured Links then by clicking Student Account Suite)


All students, undergraduate (6 credit hours or more) and graduate (3 credit hours or more) are automatically billed for health insurance as part of tuition and fees.  If you have private health insurance through another carrier, then you must provide our insurance company with proof of your coverage. Then, the health insurance fee will be waived/credited.

The student insurance online waiver process is as follows:

  1. Students must waive the insurance on Student Blue before the deadline.
  2. Students will be given an online confirmation once they complete the steps online, students should keep a copy for their records.
    • Click on "WAIVER" to decline the health insurance
    • Click on "Proceed to mandatory enroll/waive"
    • Follow the prompts and complete the entire application
  3. Once the insurance company verifies insurance coverage for a student, they will send the student a notification by email, students should keep a copy for their records.
  4. After the waiver period is closed, the insurance company will forward credit information to WSSU (Student Accounts & Cashiering) for all students whose waivers were approved.
  5. WSSU (Student Accounts & Cashiering) will review and confirm credit information and place credits on student accounts.

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