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September 18 - 19, 2014 Agenda

Winston-Salem State University
Board of Trustees
Friday, September 19, 2014
Donald Julian Reaves Student Activities Center
Campus Hall
9:00 A.M.


*Action Item

  1. Call to Order
  2. Conflict of Interest Statement
  3. Oath of Office
  4. Roll Call
  5. Adoption of the Agenda*
  6. Approval of the Minutes*
    1. Minutes of the June 6, 2014 Meeting of the Board of Trustees*
    2. Minutes of the August 25, 2014 Called Meeting of the Board of Trustees*
  7. Executive Session*
  8. Adoption Of Actions Taken in Executive Session*
    1. Public Statement Regarding Actions Taken in Executive Session
  9. Consent Agenda
    1. Administrative Withdrawal Policy (Revised) (PDF)*
    2. Satisfactory Academic Progress for Continued Financial Aid Policy (Revised) (PDF)*
    3. Repetition of Course for Grade Replacement Policy (Revised) (PDF)*
    4. Good Academic Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Revised)*
    5. Graduate Programs: Grade Appeal Policy (Revised)*
    6. WSSU Injury Prevention & Injury/Incident Reporting Procedures Policy*
    7. Hauser Hall for Bands and Music Designer Selection Resolution*
    8. Physical Plant for Art and Visual Studies Designer Selection Resolution*
  10. Chancellor’s Report
    1. Enrollment Update
    2. Tuition and Fees*
    3. Executive Order Amendment to Notice of Non-Discrimination
  11. Report of the Committees
  1. Adoption of the Committee Meeting Minutes and Reports*
  2. Former Business
  3. New Business
  4. Next Meeting Date: December 19, 2014
  5. Adjournment*