IMC Liaisons

IMC liaisons are here to help you.  We are your first point of contact to:

  • Find out more about IMC services
  • Understand how IMC can help your department
  • Identify resources within the unit or across campus that can help you in meeting your goals

Please feel free to contact us with questions.  

IMC Staff Liaison List

Division Liaison Name Email Address Phone Number
A. H. Ray Health/
Wellness Center
Laura Huff 336-750-2150
Admissions Laura Huff 336-750-2150
Advancement Sigrid Hall 336-750-3148
Alumni Relations Sigrid Hall 336-750-3148
Athletics Sigrid Hall 336-750-3148
Business Services Sigrid Hall 336-750-3148
Campus Police Laura Huff 336-750-2150
Career Services Mary McComb 336-750-3113
Center for Design
Laura Huff 336-750-2150
Chancellor's Office Sigrid Hall 336-750-3148
CITI Jay Davis 336-750-3152
The College Mary McComb 336-750-3113
Conferences &
Laura Huff 336-750-2150
Diggs Gallery Mary McComb 336-750-3113
Laura Huff 336-750-2150
Events Office Sigrid Hall 336-750-3148
Finance &
Mary McComb 336-750-3113
Foundation Sigrid Hall 336-750-3148
Housing &
Residence Life
Mary McComb 336-750-3113
Human Resources Mary McComb 336-750-3113
International Programs Jay Davis 336-750-3152
IT Laura Huff 336-750-2150
Provost Office Laura Huff 336-750-2150
School of Health Sciences Sigrid Hall 336-750-3148
Student Affairs Laura Huff 336-750-2150
University College
and Lifelong
Learning (UCaLL)
Jay Davis 336-750-3152
Recreation (UREC)
Mary McComb 336-750-3113
WSNC Radio Mary McComb 336-750-3113
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