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Director's Message

Thank you for visiting the S.G. Atkins Community Development Corporation website now come see us in person.  In case you haven’t heard, this non-profit organization was started by Winston-Salem State University to be a catalyst for development in the neighborhoods near the campus while providing learning and research opportunities for faculty and students.  Our work creates jobs and wealth in the community with strategic investments.

Building Homes

We build new homes to beautify aging neighborhoods while creating wealth for first-time homebuyers.  These homes often cost less than renting and provide the benefits of quality construction, and tax benefits as they increase in value.   We have built 20 homes with six homes scheduled this year.

Neighborhood Revitalization

We bought and renovated the “Old Boys and Girls Club” that is now our 40,000 square foot home, The Enterprise Center.  This is a multi-million dollar investment on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive that is a hub for community activities that include our conference & event center, shared-use kitchen and community gardens.

Job Creation

We provide furnished office space and technical assistance to over 45 entrepreneurs that choose to locate in The Enterprise Center.  These businesses represent the rapid growth of entrepreneurship in Winston-Salem and are part of an emerging ecosystem.  Enterprise Center businesses employ many people and generate revenue that strengthens the Winston-Salem economy.

Come visit us at 1922 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to learn more about what you can do.

We appreciate your support!