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How You Can Help

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Volunteers Needed!

No matter your skills, we can use your help!  Even if you are not an avid gardener, many opportunities exist to help out at SGA Community Gardens.  Contact Kyle Luth (acting Community Gardens Manager) to inquire about volunteering! Email or call 765-491-4076 today!

Financial Support

We Need Your Support!  With the exception of a few small grants, all garden revenue comes from bed-rental fees, and private donations.  We strive to keep bed rental fees low to increase the likelihood of whole-community involvement, but as we seek to expand our impact in the community, we will require additional resources.  All proceeds from bed rental fees, SGA Farmer’s Markets, and private donations are put directly back into the garden, its programs, and the Community Resilience Fund (established to empower local residents to bring about positive change in their community from within).

To make a monetary donation:

To make a tool or other non-monetary donation: