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WSSU Volunteers Aid Hospice Hope Run

2016 Hospice Hope Run Hospice & Palliative CareCenter (HPCC) has been working with WSSU for more than 10 years. More than 150 students volunteer with that agency annually. This year WSSU volunteers aided in the organization’s Platinum Celebration of the 20th Anniversary Hospice Hope Run. 

“One highlight of WSSU’s volunteerism is the amazing participation in our annual Hospice Hope Run,” said Sharena Conner, HPCC east team coordinator. “The student volunteers – including the WSSU Pep Band – are a huge addition and asset to the event. This year WSSU’s Chancellor also joined us for the event.”

More than 2,000 people participated in Hope Run, which included a group of runners from WSSU. That group included senior double major (Accounting and Management Information Systems) De’Cor Wiggins, who was recently honored at the Volunteer Luncheon by HPCC with the “Impact Award”, designed to recognize and reward young people for making a positive impact in their community, and particularly within Hospice.

Chancellor Robinson Participates in Hospice Hope Run

The event generates hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to support the programs of the organization, which include grief counseling and advance care planning — both free of charge — for anyone in the community, as well as expanded palliative care services designed to meet the needs of patients earlier in the disease process. In addition, through the organization’s Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home, around-the-clock care to patients and their families in need of short-term inpatient care or respite care is also provided.

The goal for this year’s Hope Run was $200,000.

“The services provided by our volunteers are vital to the success of our mission,” said Conner. “The value is also significant, saving our non-profit organization valuable financial resources.  We look forward to our continued and expanding partnership with WSSU.”

Based in Forsyth, HPCC serves 13 counties. 

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