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Student Success: Student Success Center at Hill Hall

WSSU Chancellor Donald J. Reaves called the completion of the Student Success Center at Hill Hall one of his administration's most significant achievements. In this environment all student services will be under one roof. 

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Academic Excellence: WSSU Black Male Symposium

Considering what is happening with African American males today, Winston-Salem State’s annual Black Male Symposium examines issues related to Black male upward mobility and progress to uplift Black males, prepare them to be leaders, and see them through the graduation process. The 2014 symposium expanded the program’s reach.

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Community Engagement: Meeting the Needs of the Community

A major part of WSSU's general mission is to meet the needs of the people in the community. WSSU's School of Health Sciences innovative program to help meet that mission through its R.A.M.S. Know How mobile health clinic is doing just that and is receiving recognition for its efforts.

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Culture and Pride: Chancellor Reaves Announces Retirement

After seven years on the job, Chancellor Donald J. Reaves has announced he will step down as chancellor effective December 31, 2014, or thereafter when a successor is named. In the face of major reductions in state allocations, the accomplishments achieved under Reaves' leadership has been nothing short of amazing.

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