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Student Success: The Impact of Internships - and Interns

Internships can make a tremendous impact on a college student's overall education.  Sometimes interns can also make a tremendous impact on the company.

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Academic Excellence: Seeing the World Can Open a Student's Eyes

What do Spain, Kenya and Brazil have in common?  The ability to deeply affect students in study abroad programs...

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Community Engagement:  JoAnn Jones Wins Full Ride Scholarship to WSSU

The dream of any college-bound student is to earn a scholarship. Even a partial scholarship for many students is a dream. But for a young lady from Asheville, NC, planning to attend WSSU, the Tom Joyner Full Ride Scholarship is more than a dream – it's the real deal.

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Culture and Pride: WSSU Alliance To Increase Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Health Workforce

Getting more diversity into North Carolina’s health care workforce is the aim of a newly formed alliance involving 20 North Carolina colleges, universities and state health agencies.

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